Ready to Run in Rainy Weather?

All sorts of weather when it's spring time in Melbourne

The last few weeks in Melbourne have been wet, windy, and everything in between with the occasional lovely, sunny day thrown in for good measure.  Naturally, this has made it just a little tricky, for those us with upcoming running events, to get in enough mileage for that spring half-marathon and/or marathon.  I've also had some run-ins with the local magpies in my area (if you've seen someone running with an open umbrella under gum trees in rain/shine during the months of August to October - that's me) but that is a blog subject for another day!

As the Sunday weather forecast for the 2016 Medibank Melbourne Marathon looks equal parts wet and windy, it's worth considering what type of gear might be best for the day.  I don't have a specific runner's rain jacket but I often head out with the following essentials when it is particularly wet and crappy outside:

  • My general purpose Columbia rain jacket with elastic cuffs, hood with adjustable elastic cord drawstring, zip pockets, and is both breathable and waterproof.  It even packs into its own storage pocket when it's not being used.
  • A visor to wear under my rain jacket hood.
  • Moisture wicking top.
  • Running tights (3/4 or full length).

Of course, you are not going to really stay dry at all - your aim is just to be reasonably comfortable and get through your run.  I probably get more wet from sweating up a storm during a run and from kicking up puddles than from the rain.  Personally, I don't mind my upper torso or even my legs getting wet on a run - it's the squelchy, wet shoes and socks that get me.  Oh well, the hot shower and cup of tea or coffee afterwards is always something to look forward to at least.  And maybe a smear or two of Body Glide anti-chafe balm might help you along too.

Good luck and happy running to everyone running in this Sunday's Melbourne Marathon Festival!

Sunny one minute, pouring buckets 5 minutes later...yay, it's spring time in Melbourne!

Sunny one minute, pouring buckets 5 minutes later...yay, it's spring time in Melbourne!